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What is SPP?

A Business-Matching Platform optimized for the Content Industry.

SPP is a business-matching platform optimized for the content industry.

By using the SPP you can connect with global partners, keep track of requests, and use the inbuilt video conference call services throughout the year.

SPP has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of the world's leading professionals in Creation, Distribution, Broadcasting, Investment, and Licensing with a focus on Animation, Character, Webtoon, WebNovel, Game, Memedia, Music, LiveAction for the Content Industry.

Why SPP?

Year-round Biz-Matching and Networking

The platform showcases fresh IPs and promotes business-matchings before and during events. Afterwards, biz-matching and networking can continue hassle free.

Quick and Easy Connections

Meet and stay in contact by exchanging messages directly through the SPP Platform. The automated meeting notifications keep Sellers and Buyers informed about their scheduled meetings.