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SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan)organized by SBA
offers the nation's largest and specialized contents
marketplace for cartoon, animation and charcter licensing industries.

Making the 19th years, SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan), the cartoon & animation market has been established as an essential market discovering excellent new animation projects. SPP is specifically designed for business-minded professionals interested in co-production, procurement & sales, and investment.

SPP offers the best market opportunities that allow you to access unique contents, network with world's leading buyers & producers and discover latest market trends. SPP is where you can network, promote & acquire new content and discover potential partners on a global level.

SPP 2019's main programs includes one-on-one Business Matching, AND(Asia New Direction), IGNITE, Conference on the latest market trends, Private Pitching, Welcome Party and active business networking events.

SPP Presentation
DATE 15 ~ 17 July 2019
VENUE Millennium Seoul Hilton, Seoul, Korea
PARTICIPANTS Business Professionals in the area of Webtoon(Webcomics), Animation, Character Licensing, Broadcasting, Investment and Distribution
PROGRAMS Business Matching, AND(Asia New Direction), IG, Conference, Private Pitching, Welcome Party and so on

SPP 2019 Program