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The One-on-One Business Matching session, will offer over 5000 meetings for nearly 200 participating companies in a 3 day period. Programing and Development executives invited from the major kids network and distribution companies will attend private 20 minute business meetings.
As we offer pre-arranged interactive meeting schedules, attendees can make their market more efficient. Get ready for targeted networking that could move your project forward by leaps and bounds.

Date/Time, Venue, Participants
Date/Time July 15(Mon) ~ 17(Wed), 2019, 09:00~19:00 *7/15(Mon) 10:00~
Venue Millennium Seoul Hilton, Grand Ballroom(LL Floor)

Business Professionals in the area of Cartoon, Webtoon(Webcomics), Animation, Character Licensing, Broadcasting, Investment and Distribution

How to participate

Project Screening & Biz-Matching User Guide Download

Step 1. Registration for Biz Matching

Complete application form to participate in SPP Biz Matching

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Step 2. Project Screening

  • All sellers must upload more than one project to be eligible to participate in online Biz Matching.
  • Please enter accurate and detailed information about the projects as the uploaded items will be an important determinant for future meetings with buyers
  • [Report] provides screening information of the buyers regarding the uploaded projects.
  • All buyers must be approved by administrators to browse projects and participate in Biz Matching.
  • All buyers could add items to My Playlists while browsing projects for the future reference during the Biz Matching.
  • All buyers could request Biz-Match and send messages to the producers while browsing projects.
  • [Report] provides information on the projects each buyer browses and screens.

Step 3. Biz-Match Request


Hyekyung LEE(Seller&Buyer Registration)
  • · Tel : +82-70-5165-6831
  • · E-mail : spp@sba.seoul.kr
Sookyuoung LEE(Online System)
  • · Tel : +82-70-5147-0626
  • · E-mail : spp2@sba.seoul.kr
  • · Tel : +82-2-3455-8358
  • · E-mail : kdkim@sba.seoul.kr